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How Much Will My Braces Cost?

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Braces are a long-term investment. There are multiple benefits of getting your teeth straightened. It makes cleaning teeth easier, offers a more consistent bite and improves your appearance. Getting braces can help boost your self-confidence in the long run by giving you a beautiful, straight smile. At GD Orthodontics, our qualified orthodontist provides personalized orthodontic care for your entire family. The types of treatments we provide include TMJ, regular braces and Invisalign. Invisalign® is the choice of treatment if you want clear aligners and treatment starts from $1800. We also offer Patient Rewards.


How much do braces generally cost?

The average cost of braces in Canada ranges from $5,000 and up. The duration of the treatment plays a major role in the cost of the braces. Cost also depends on whether you are being treated by a regular dentist or certified specialist (orthodontist).


How much do I have to pay in a month to get braces?

When you confirm with your dentist that you want to get the orthodontic treatment done, they will provide you with an estimate. Also, they will let you know the scope of the treatment and it’s duration. Cost is normally spread over the duration of treatment and therefore becomes very affordable.


Will my insurance cover the cost of braces?

This entirely depends on the specifications of your insurance. You should call your insurance provider and confirm if they cover orthodontic treatments. Also, if your employer covers orthodontic treatment costs, you need to get in touch with the human resources department for more information. 


Get in touch with our team at GD Orthodontics and see how we can make orthodontic treatment affordable for you.


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