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Reliable Orthodontist Offering Mouthguards in Mississauga

A mouthguard is a highly effective device that can help you from clenching or grinding your teeth. Not just that, mouthguards can also help with issues such as snoring and can relieve you from obstructive breathing. If you are someone that needs a mouthguard in Mississauga, GD Orthodontics is the place to visit. We also offer mouthguards to help you with bruxism and protect you from injuries caused by high-intensity sports.


Get in touch with us today and let us know what you need. We will be glad to fit you with an effective mouthguard in Mississauga.

Types of Mouthguards

Are you looking to get a mouthguard in Mississauga? Make sure you are aware of all the options available to you. Based on your requirements, you can choose from the following types:

Custom-fitted mouthguards
These are customized by taking the correct measurements of your mouth through digital imaging, or an impression by a dentist. They offer the best comfort out of all three options, but they can be a bit expensive.

Sports guards
These are the kind of mouthguards that can be bought from any sports goods store in your locality. These are generally bulky and won’t be a perfect fit. The major problem with these is that they can sometimes make it difficult to speak or breathe.

Stock mouthguards
These mouthguards can easily be bought from most pharmacies and sports goods suppliers in your locality and are usually a better fit than sports guards. They are first kept in warm water, which makes them soft. After this, you can place them in your mouth and use your fingers to set them in shape.


If you are new to Mississauga and need a mouthguard, do not worry. We accept new patients as well. Book an appointment with us, and we will be happy to offer our services to you.

Tips to Take Care of Your Mouthguard

If you take care of your mouthguard, it can last for a very long time. Here are a few tips from our experienced orthodontist in Mississauga that will help you maintain your mouthguard:

Clean the mouthguard daily with clean and cool water

Store it in a clean and perforated container. If it’s an acrylic mouthguard, keep it in water

Always rinse the mouthguard with cool water before and after use

If you notice any hole or damage in the mouthguard or it feels loose and uncomfortable, make sure that you replace it

Avoid keeping it in places with high temperature


For more such tips and insightful content, please feel free to browse through our blog.

Need a Mouthguard?

Our orthodontist can help you get a mouthguard in Mississauga that can last long.

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