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At What Age Should Kids Get Braces?

child getting orthodontic exam

Does your child have crooked, misaligned, or missing teeth? Are you wondering about the best age for braces for your child?


Believe it or not, orthodontic treatment is about so much more than teeth straightening. It will improve your child's overall dental health, confidence, and speaking for years to come.


Here's when you should start looking for the best braces Mississauga has to offer.


At What Age Should Children Get Braces?

American and Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommend that every child should get an orthodontic consultation at or around age 7 onwards. Your dentist or hygienist should refer you to see an orthodontist At our office, initial orthodontic consultations are complimentary. Also, you do not need a special referral to bring in your child. Please call us directly to book a free consultation. Most likely your child will get braces later on during their pubertal growth spurt. (age 11-14) but we can time the treatment correctly as every child grows at a different rate/age.


During your child's first trip to the orthodontist, they will be examined for any irregularities with their bite. The orthodontist will take X-rays and recommend treatment. 


Be sure to ask about how long the treatment will take, what it will cost, and your payment options. You can also discuss the types of braces and what you believe will be best for your child.


How Do I Find A Good Mississauga Orthodontist?

Before choosing an orthodontist, it's important to ask for recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers. Be sure to ask questions.


Was the orthodontist friendly and professional? Were they happy with the treatment? Were there any unexpected costs along the way?


Once you've got some names, be sure to read online reviews and see what former patients are saying. Remember that anyone can get a poor review sometimes, but you'll want to be on the lookout for repeated comments. 


If plenty of former patients are saying the staff was efficient and kind, you've got a good idea of what your experience will be like.


What Are The Benefits of Braces Mississauga?

Braces have many benefits besides straightening teeth. Well-aligned teeth are easier to take care of, making your child less at risk for cavities and gum disease


Braces can also make chewing easier, reduce bad breath, and improve digestion. As your child gets older, they won't need to be embarrassed about taking pictures or having anyone view them up close. Instead, they will smile with confidence, knowing their teeth are straight.


In the long run, investing in braces can save you and your child lots of time and money. It pays to find a Mississauga orthodontist you can trust.


Smiling On

If your child is between the ages of 7 and 14 years old, it's time to visit a local orthodontist. The best braces Mississauga has to offer can enhance your child's confidence and overall health. They can be proud of their grin for the rest of their lives!


Don't stop getting smart about your child's smile now. For excellent, quality braces in Mississauga, give GD Orthodontics a call today. 


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