Temporary Anchorage Device

What are TADs?

A Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) is a miniature screw that we position in the mouth. It serves as an anchor for moving specific teeth in the most controlled and predictable way possible. TADs are made of a sterile medical-grade titanium alloy. This technique allows us to treat certain cases that were nearly impossible before this technique was refined. TADs also allow us to treat cases better and faster than ever before.

Where are TADs placed?

TADs are placed in the bone between the roots of the teeth and can be placed in the bone in the root of the mouth as well.

Can TADs be used for patients at any age?

TADs are placed on patients who have permanent teeth. Patients with active periodontal (gum) disease may not be candidates for TADs.

How is TAD placed and does it hurt?

Placement is minimally invasive and often completed using only topical anesthetic. TADs are inserted directly into the bone using a special instrument. There is little or no discomfort because there are no nerve endings in the bone tissue. Once placed, the orthodontist is able to use the TAD as orthodontic anchorage immediately.